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Preventive maintenance

Comprehensive preventive maintenance checks, including a web application created by APEL, provide more efficient, responsive and productive preventive maintenance.

On our intranet, historical data is accessible for all equipment, including real-time maintenance data and details concerning the useful life of each machine, along with guidance to avoid repetitive breakdowns and for making improvements to lifting equipment

The equipment data is collected by a technical team dedicated to preventive maintenance, equipped with tablets that enable a full checklist to be completed.

This data is transmitted to the Technical Service Administration office in APEL via GPRS, in order to evaluate the collected information and send an on-line technical report to improve decision making.

Access the intranet is obtained with a user name and password, enabling access to all information regarding equipment maintenance, safety and machine reliability issues.

Corrective maintenance

One of the most important policies at APEL is to guarantee consistent service in all our actions and in order to achieve this we trust fully in our team.

All our staff are trained to resolve any type of unexpected issue concerning the equipment our clients use. In addition, our teams are continuously visiting nearby installations in order to offer streamlined service and to guarantee that the productivity of our clients is always our primary mission.

Assemblies and upgrades

All APEL equipment is installed by personnel trained in both the installation of lifting equipment and in completing appropriate load testing.

We have the equipment and means to carry out the following upgrades:

  • Geometric studies
  • Structural upgrades: span, position, or configuration modifications
  • Modifications to increase equipment safe working loads
  • Speed modifications
  • Work group modification
  • Auditing and reporting in order to issue verification forms

Replacement parts

In order to streamline service and provided added value, APEL has a dedicated replacement parts department, offering the following services:

  • Warehouse with stock of replacement parts.
  • In-house workshop with integrated metalworking and welding services.
  • 10 work vans equipped with tools and replacement parts.


The modifications allow to incorporate to your existing equipment, Smart and technologically advanced solutions, in an economic and economic way. The common modernizations include the substitution of hoists and components, speed control by means of a variator in any movement, remote control by radio. In comparison with modernizations, modifications usually require a previous planning and much less downtime.

APEL, S.L. it has been offering its clients more than 20 years of customized solutions in lifting systems.


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